Thursday, July 30, 2009

Online Idol Finals UPDATE

The finals are here and voting is up to us (the viewers) A lot of people are gone since semi-finals.
Voting starts at Midnight on August 1st (2 days from now) and ends on August 2nd at 5pm. You can vote up to a max of 20 times by sending blank emails to the contestant's email addresses, which I've provided below

Stephanie Empson
Hmm, I wonder if she read what I wrote last time. She really stepped it up since her last video and showed off her range a bit more.

Paige Cook
I still love this girl's voice. So unique.

Vanessa-Colleen Campos
Wow the best vocal this round. Song choice was right on point

Ryan Kelley
Nothing too special in comparison to everyone else. A little screamy and over the top.

1. Vanessa-Colleen Campos
2. Stephanie Empson
3. Paige Cook
4. Ryan Kelley

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