Thursday, August 6, 2009

Online Idol Finals UPDATE

It's down to the top 5 now and 3 of them have a video up already. All my favorites got through except for Stephanie Empson, unfortunately. I wanted to see her get through. Voting works the same way, and you can vote from August 8th at midnight (Saturday) to August 9th at 5pm.

Vanessa Colleen-Campos

Ryan Kelley
Even though it was hard to judge because the band drowned her out a bit, from what I could hear, this is the genre for her. The song fits her really well. Wasn't expecting the music video-esque aspect of it either lol.

Mollie's entry started out okay but I'm still not a fan of the screamy parts. I think she'll be better just singing softly and not belting it out.

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