Monday, October 5, 2009

Allison Iraheta - Friday I'll Be Over You

Allison's finally got a single out. It's definately different than what we've heard of her on the show, but it really captures that rock vibe that she keeps saying she's going for.

In addition to this song she also did an interview with PopEater

Allison Iraheta, the 17-year-old singer who made it to the top 4 on 'American Idol' last season with her rocker style and attitude is on her own now, and PopEater is proud to debut her new single, 'Friday I'll Be Over U.' PopEater got the chance to chat with Allison about her new tune, which she says "ain't too hard to understand" in its message.

So how'd 'Friday I'll Be Over U' come about?

I worked with Max Martin, and he pulled it out of his magic box. He came up with an awesome song and sent I to me and we cut it and it was just amazing. He definitely knows how to put himself in other people's shoes.

What were you looking to convey with 'Friday'?

Pretty much show who I really am as an artist, and what I really want to continue doing for the rest of my life, which is this. Just really do awesome music for the rest of my life.

What will your fans take away from the song?

It's a song everyone can relate to. It's a pretty simple song. It ain't too hard to understand. I think people will really just be like 'Yeah!' ... hopefully.

Do you think you were able to be yourself on 'Idol'?

Not really. It was pretty hard. Being on 'American Idol,' it's very hard to be who you are. You can try, but you're already portrayed as someone else. It's kind of hard to come out as who you really are. But, now people get a chance to know who we are, going to see us on tour and stuff.

Do you think rockers have a disadvantage on 'Idol'?

I don't even know, man. Hey, Daughtry, David Cook, they're doing pretty awesome right now so hopefully we'll see what happens with me.

What other types of things can fans expect on your new album?

There will be some ballads and some upbeats maybe you can dance to songs, but they all pretty much come out as a rock vibe.

You just got off of the 'Idol' tour. How was that?

It was amazing, especially going on tour with nine other people that you've been with over a year, so it's your family. Getting to do what weve always wanted to do. .. it's a dream come true and preparation for all of us.

This was your first major tour. What did you miss the most?

The family, definitely. My dad, my dogs, being on my hard-ass bed. Little things like that you really miss when you're on the road. You miss your bed, the family, everything.

What did you to to take your mind off of it while on the road?

We didn't have time to focus on anything else but the tour, so that got our minds off of being homesick. We were so focused on the tour, but towards the end we were all like 'I'm ready to go home!' And then of course on the last day we were all crying, like 'I don't want this to end!'

Is there an artist out there you really look up to and would want to collaborate with?

I keep saying this, and I'm always going to say it until it happens... working with Pink, my friend. That would be amazing. Her music altogether inspires me. I look up to her.

Would you be interested in making a transition to film or stage like other 'Idol' vets have done?

I don't know. I really don't know. I think I would suck at Broadway and stuff like that. I get kind of weird in front of audiences. Singing and dancing, I don't think I can do that. But hey, I wouldn't mind trying new things I guess.

You even get weird in front of audiences when you're touring with your music?

I do, and I freak out right before I hit the stage, but something comes over me and I black out or something and by the time I get off stage I'm like what the heck just happened. I don't konw why I'd feel weird if I'm doing dancing.

How did you deal with all of the criticism laid out on 'Idol'?

It's hard to take at first, but people should be prepared before they audition. The whole show of 'Idol' is not about your singing. It's pretty much... it's favoritism. I don't know, but that's pretty much what it is.

What do you think of Chris Sligh's comments that no one will care about ex-'Idol' contestants once the tour is over?

Yea, it's like everybody goes on to do their own thing after the tour. Everybody does what they've got to do, and if you deserve to get out there, you're gonna get out there. This year, this ain't the last you're gonna hear from us. I think all of us are going to get out there.

So years down the road, when you have a long, successful career, what would be the ultimate way for fans to describe you?

I'm bad at that. I don't know ... hopefully just Allison Iraheta, with my name still out there. To have people say my name and know who I am. I'll be content with that.

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