Thursday, July 30, 2009

Online Idol Finals UPDATE

The finals are here and voting is up to us (the viewers) A lot of people are gone since semi-finals.
Voting starts at Midnight on August 1st (2 days from now) and ends on August 2nd at 5pm. You can vote up to a max of 20 times by sending blank emails to the contestant's email addresses, which I've provided below

Stephanie Empson
Hmm, I wonder if she read what I wrote last time. She really stepped it up since her last video and showed off her range a bit more.

Paige Cook
I still love this girl's voice. So unique.

Vanessa-Colleen Campos
Wow the best vocal this round. Song choice was right on point

Ryan Kelley
Nothing too special in comparison to everyone else. A little screamy and over the top.

1. Vanessa-Colleen Campos
2. Stephanie Empson
3. Paige Cook
4. Ryan Kelley

Free Tunes Tuesday - On My Way by Billy Boy On Poison

Love the overdriven guitar instrumentals on this one

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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Anuhea - Birthday Sex by Jeremih

Ana Free - Use Somebody by Kings of Leon

A softer version than the grit that Kings of Leon brings to the song. Shows that she's not trying to emulate the original vocal qualities

Online Idol Semi-Finals UPDATE

Brittany Brooks
Nice female take on this song

Trevor Hoen
I didn't like him much in auditions but he sounds really good this round. It proves that good song choice is key

Stephanie Empson
The song doesn't show off too much range but I liked it

1. Paige Cook
2. Trevor Hoen
3. Ashleigh
4. Brittany Brooks
5. Dayze Estelle
6. Stephanie Empson
7. Chelsey Ponce

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Alyssa Beranal - Where I Stood by Missy Higgins

Jordan McCoy - I'll Be There by Michael Jackson

Online Idol Semi-Finals UPDATE

Paige Cook
Nice take on this song. She really changed it up.

Chelsey Ponce
She's got really good control on this song, but I think some background music could help strengthen her voice

She's less screamy than she was in auditions which is a good thing. I like seeing different sides of people's voices.

1. Paige Cook
2. Ashleigh
3. Dayze Estelle
4. Chelsey Ponce

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Online Idol Semi-Finals UPDATE

Dayze Estelle
Seemed like she was holding back a little in the beginning but as the song progressed she got a little more into the song

That was the only good one so far. Mollie Evan's entry just didn't do it for me this time around.

Ally Heman - Fall To Pieces by Avril Lavigne

Friday, July 10, 2009

Online Idol Auditions UPDATE

Since my last post about Online Idol there have been quite a few good ones that have been added

Paige Cook
I love Adele and this girl really does it justice

Riley Mcmahon
The national anthem is a hard one to sing but she's right on key with every note

Brandy Kay Riha
The face doesn't really go with the voice and she's a little nasaly in certain parts, but she can still sing really well

Vanessa-Colleen Campos
She has great control over her vocals and knows when to go soft and when to belt it out. Flawless.

Dayze Estelle
She also has good control over her vocals and it's cool to hear her accent come through in it

Kendra Wolcott
Whoa, did not expect that sound to come out of her. Her voice slightly resembles Allison Iraheta who was my favorite during Season 8

Stephanie Empson
There's a definite grit to her voice and she does that cool raspy aggressive thing with her voice near the end (I'm not sure what that's called but when you watch it you'll know what I mean)

Chelsey Ponce
Very nice soft voice, a lighter tone that a lot of these contestants but it works for her

No last name? That's okay though because she's really good. However, the ending could have been better

Tommy Benrowski
Really unique, another face that doesn't go with the voice. I like this guy

Ryan Kelly
Her voice doesn't conform to that genre so I'm interested to hear her sing something different because I can see some potential in her

Updated Rankings:
1. Kendra Wolcott
2. Robert Hough
3. Madeline Olsen
4. Brittany Brooks
5. Vanessa-Colleen Campos
6. Riley Mcmahon
7. Ashleigh
8. Ryan Kelly
9. Stephanie Empson
10. Chelsey Ponce
11. Paige Cook
12. Brandy Kay Riha
13. Tommy Benrowski
14. Dayze Estelle
15. Mollie Evans
16. Danielle Chan

EDIT: All of my favorites got through except for Riley Mcmahon. And unfortunately some bad ones slipped through as well. Now we're in the semi-finals until July 17. Let's see what happens.

Alyssa Beranal - You Belong With Me by Taylor Swift

Ana Free - Keep On Walking Music Video

Download this song for free