Monday, June 22, 2009

Online Idol Auditions

I heard about this Online Idol thing which is going to be judged by three of the top 36 contestants from Season 8 and decided to check out the auditioners. Here's how my favorites stack up:

1. Robert Hough - His voice is really smooth, I'm just worried he might become forgettable

2. Madeline Olsen - If she was on the real American Idol she'd definately be in the highlight reels, though something in her voice sounds a bit awkward in the chorus. Also I love the way she sings "driving"

3. Brittany Brooks - she's good but she screams the high notes

4.Danielle Chan - I see a potential in her, she kinda reminds me of Chantelle Readman

5. Mollie Evans - Again, a bit screamy but still good

You can check out the others but they really can't sing in my opinion, except for the little kid, she might be good in a few years but she's only four so she's too young for me to really tell. But she's really cute and looked like she was havin' a lot of fun.

Auditions are going on 'til the end of June so If any other good ones get added I'll be sure and post them and update my ranking.

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